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Is your business continually moving? Do your department’s increase over night?

How do you deal with constantly reorganizing your office space ? Whether its providing extra space for new starters or you are looking to freshen your existing space. CMR Relocation can provide you with experienced staff who will reposition your existing office, either during your normal working week. Or if you prefer out of office hours and during weekends to reduce disruption. CMR Relocation can provide relocation staff by the day or by the hour you decide.


Churn is a service which provides on-going support to internal moving and re-organisation of people and departments within your company. From a pre-agreed call-off tariff you can request a CMR operational team to help you adapt to your constantly changing internal demands. Churn services mean that you do not have the health and safety implications of asking your own employees to do heavy lifting work around the office.


Fully trained onsite move crews provide flexible resources for as long as required. Provided on a fixed term contract, these crews provide a valuable service within your business, including moving, repairing and ordering furniture and ongoing maintenance support