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Office Move


CMR relocation will make arrangements to view your existing office, to assess your office removal needs. Our experienced surveyor will take a detailed inventory of everything that will be required to move. The moving appraisal will give you the opportunity to ask any questions regarding the move, for instance.

  1. Will you provide detailed move planning
  2. How many packing crates will be required for packing files and IT EQUIPMENT?
  3. Do you dismantle office furniture?
  4. Do you provide recycling services?
  5. Do you provide new office furniture?


The office moving surveyor will go through his removal report with you before he leaves your existing office. He will discuss certain aspects of your office move with you to help you prepare for the run up to the moving day.

The move surveyor will then prepare a detailed removal report, including move time frames, crate numbers, any specialized services. Please read the bullet points below, they will give you some useful information on the type of questions we will ask you to ensure you are receiving the correct information and ultimately the correct office removal quote.

  1. How many people are moving?
  2. What dates did you have in mind
  3. Are you taking all your furniture?
  4. Are you looking to buy new office furniture
  5. Do you require packing crates for files and IT KIT?
  6. Which floor are you moving from and to?
  7. Are there lifts available at both properties?
  8. Will you require parking permits?
  9. Is the move scheduled for a weekend?